Fat Cat Fundraising Consultants will assist your non-profit or public benefit organisation with the following:

We start by assisting with a fundraising strategy that best suits your organisation. So many organisations make the mistake of “jumping straight in”. Fundraising is a vital part of your work that needs to be planned and revised as often as necessary. This document once completed can be utilized across the organisation.

“The Master” is a fully comprehensive proposal which can be utilized for all fundraising going forward. This document is chopped, changed and revised as often as possible and can be distributed to potential donors at networking events or the like.

The “Please” letter which is often required for small to medium projects. This letter can also be utilized across the board, dependent on the project on hand at the time.

Research is a major aspect of fundraising which can take hours of time per month. We update our database on a daily basis ensuring that we have the most up to date contact details at any given time.

Fundraising proposals are completed timeously and efficiently to meet potential donor stipulations and we ensure ample time before the deadline dates. The same applies of report back writing. 

Website and social media content is a great breakaway from Fundraising and we are happy to assist in this aspect of your work. 

Keep donors informed – we regularly write newsletters with interesting content to remind those who are contributing to your cause a reminder that assistance is always require and what is happening within the organisation.