About Us
We are specialized Corporate Fundraisers

who have worked in the Non Profit sector for over 20 years. Fat Cat Fundraising opened in 2016 with the vision to help as many charities as possible to get the much-needed funding that they require to continue providing services to the communities in which they work. 

If you are passionate about your cause, you can sell just about anything to anyone. That is why we will not take on any projects that are not in our best interests. We need to sell your cause, and thus, we need to be as passionate as you are. That said, we are enthusiastic about most causes including children, terminal illness, women abuse, mental health, hunger, poverty, animals, rescue missions, education to name just a few. 

By outsourcing your fundraising department, you can rest assured that all your needs are taken care of. We will take on all fundraising aspects of your organisation with no hidden costs – at less than you would pay a full-time employee. Fat Cat Fundraising charges a flat rate or an hourly rate and does not accept any commission or incentive as we believe that all money raised should go directly towards your cause.


Sam is a passionate and knowledgeable fundraiser with the necessary initiative and drive to turn talk into action. She is hard working, reliable and fun to work with. She can be relied upon to come up with new ideas and fresh angles to work on.
Sam is a standout social media marketer. She has been amazing with raising the profile of the organisation and managing our social media effectively. She truly knows her stuff and goes above and beyond to get the work done. She comes highly recommended as effective and efficient.
Sam of Fat Cat Fundraising offers more than just fundraising opportunities for non-profit organisations, but the insight and experience of a well-equipped fundraiser and relationships manager. With Sam, there are no boundaries with growth and development for each organisation she works for, and she dedicates herself as if we are her only one.
Sam’s Fundraising work is outstanding. She’s very hard working, passionate and reliable about the charitable, deserving and worthy causes, always goes the extra mile.