Fat Cat Fundraising Consultants – Fundraisers who Care about Your Cause

Fat Cat Fundraising Consultants

“Putting the fun Back into Fundraising”

I am a specialized Corporate Fundraiser having worked in the Non Profit sector for the last 20 years.

Gaining many years of experience through 12 years at HospiceWits and two years Jeppe Schools Trust, I opened my Fundraising consultancy in the hope to assist as many Non-Profit Organisations (NGO’s) as possible. It is with great thanks to my past mentors that I have excelled in my field and look forward to passing on my expertise to others in the Non Profit sector.

A deep passion for helping others, I offer a wide range of Fundraising Consulting services including:

    • Letters of inquiry and appeals
    • Fundraising Proposals
    • National Lotteries Commission
    • Compiling Company Profiles
  • Motivational one on one coaching

    Flexible to suit your needs.
  • Networking
  • Internet research
  • Website and social media assistance
  • Mailchimp databases and newsletters
  • Temporary in-house assignments
  • Fundraising Department strategy
  • Newsletters, Press Releases and Web Copy

Corporate Social Investment Packages for Corporates

  • I offer Corporates a monthly package to run their Corporate Social Investment Initiatives.
  • Assistance in designing & developing a Corporate Social Investment  plan
  • Research of applicant beneficiaries in the Non Profit Sector
  • Fielding Corporate Social Investment calls and explaining criteria
  • Screening and vetting Corporate Social Investment proposals
  • Shortlisting and board presentation
  • Beneficiary relationship management

Tailor make you OWN FUNDRAISING PACKAGE to suit your needs and your budget.