Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy is the action taken by business to improve their communities and society. Corporate Philanthropy is not only about giving money. It also includes volunteering time and labour at nonprofit organisations, internal fundraising and building staff morale.

There are enormous advantages of Corporate Philanthropy. Business can greatly increase their prospects of future clientele, and, in turn, revenue flow into the future. With effective publicity and promotion, the company can increase customers interest and favourable opinions from existing and potential new customers.

Fat Cat Fundraising will assist you in devising your Corporate Philanthropy Strategy, and wade through the multiple applications that you receive throughout the year. We will proof, vet and shortlist potential charitable causes and present to you and your Board the most deserving charities.

Outsourcing your Corporate Philanthropy is advantageous in numerous ways  – each charity that is on our database is compliant with the Department of Social Development and legally registered. The time taken to sort through and short list proposals is diminished and you get the recognition you deserve. We will also ensure that documentation is timeously submitted for your Auditors.

Should you wish to arrange a meeting or find out more about how we can assist, please contact