Stationery Drive 2020

It is finally back to school, back to work and back into routine. The last week of holidays was extremely interesting for me. Being self employed I do not take leave and a large portion of my job is social media and identifying the needs of various members of the community.

The biggest, and most obvious requirement for December was stationery. I pinpointed, by the end of December, that at least 50 of my acquaintances were struggling to afford stationery. All, I assume, eventually planned, received from family, friends and various charities but I cannot imagine the stress that they went through to get their children school ready.

After much debate, I am proposing a challenge and I hope that I can find some people to join me in helping to collect and distribute stationery in December 2019. There are no specific rules of what should be bought, but preferably I would like to send the children to school with new stationery, and not second hand. The reason is, that halfway through the year, the second hand or used stationery has run out and mom and dad have to replace anyway so there is no real saving in the long term.

Stationery is generally standard requirements which includes pens, pencils, glue sticks, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, pencil crayons, retractable wax crayons, felt tip pens, highlighters, fine liners, plastic books covers and watercolor paints. It doesn’t seem much, but these basic items come to an average total cost of about R800 and this excludes what the school specifically requires, a pencil case, school bag, notebooks, flip files and text books.

I am asking you, if you can make a small difference this year and have a box in your office or home and when you are shopping for stationery, to please buy one extra item and put it into your box. In December, you can contact me to collect and I will plan to distribute to those in need.

If you would like to become involved and donate stationery, please send me an email on

The Benefits of Giving Back to Society

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”. The Dalai Lama

Last year everyone felt the financial crunch and this year the isn’t going to be much of an improvement as we recover. However, it is still as important for you to give those that are less fortunate.

Let us take your household for example, assuming that you have an average of two children in your family – each child received at least two presents for Christmas (whether small or big) and were treated to at least one special outing during the holidays.

Now let’s take a child that is living in institution – hundreds of these children did not get any presents at all due to a lack of giving from the community. These children were not taken on a special outing due to lack of funding.

Unfortunately, I have had to start this article on a negative, as we need to know that as we, the middle class, are feeling the burden of the economy, we can still afford the little luxuries that other people cannot.

This year let us all try to support those who literally have absolutely nothing.

Taken from the Huffpost, here are three reasons why companies should leverage their own financial success to help those around them:

By participating in philanthropic initiatives, you are helping your employees feel good about themselves and proud to be an employee of your company. This in turn builds loyalty. By involving your staff in philanthropic efforts they invest less in themselves in their work and the quality of their work improves.

By giving back to a charity within your community, the community reciprocates and offers their support. Thus, a mutually beneficial relationship is formed. When you and your staff participate in community events, you are allowing yourself to meet members of the community in which you work, this builds a strong networking opportunity and the potential to gain new and more customers. Community members are those who will speak either positively or negatively about your business. Gain the trust of the community, and it’s a surefire way to gain more customers for your own business.

A study conducted by Cone Communications and Echo Research revealed that more than 90% of consumers would switch to a brand supporting a good cause. Additionally, 85% of millennials correlate their purchasing power to the responsible efforts a company is making. Millennials are the MOST sought-after target market today and their collective purchasing power measures in the hundreds of billions!

If you would like to speak further about giving back and the organisations that your company should support, please send an email to