Small Business Giving

Despite being a small business, there are still hundreds of ways that you can give back to your community.  Here are some guidelines of how and what you can do to assist:

  • Choose a specific charity close to your office.
  • Find out exactly what the charity offers and what recognition applies.
  • Request an NPO certificate – this ensures that the charity is legitimate and registered with the Department of Social Development.
  • If you would like to make a financial contribution, find out if the charity is registered as a PBO. If they are you can claim back on your annual tax return.

Below are some ideas of how to give back on a budget:

  • Give presents – there are several smaller projects that care for children or the elderly. Everyone loves a present. Why not drop off a toy or two at your local children’s charity or some toiletries at your local old age home.
  • Donate something off the Charity Wishlist – there are often smaller items including tins of non-perishable foods, cleaning materials, hygiene products and nappies.
  • Clean up and donate – clutter in your work drawers can be gems for charity administration departments. Pencils, pens, plastic folders, files, scissors, notebooks, you name it. Next time you are about throw away old branding materials, think of your local charity – it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Furniture – thinking of rehauling your office and purchasing new furniture – charities love desks, chairs and filing cabinets that always come in handy. Please contact your local charity to arrange collection, most will gladly collect as long as you are in close proximity.


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