My Favourite Charity Shop!

A year ago, I wrote an article about second hand shops and why some work for me, and others don’t. A year on, I have found a favourite, and when I am in the area, I make a point of popping in, even if I am not particularly looking for anything specific. It is a pleasure to be at the Tails and Whiskers Charity Shop, Corner off van Riebeck and 3rd Street, Edenvale, Gauteng.

This is why:

It doesn’t feel like a charity shop:

It’s well organised. I walk in and know where I am going. The books are in a really comfortable corner, set up like a tiny library. The beautiful glass vases are all in one place, the nick nacks are in another – it’s neat and its beautifully arranged.

Everything is marked

No surprises in this shop – what is marked is what is paid – and everything is marked – neatly and legibly! What a pleasure! I walk in with a certain amount of money and know exactly what I can buy and for how much before I get to the till point.

The Staff are Friendly and Welcoming

These two wonderful ladies are always smiling, always ready for a chat and Oliver just brings a smile to my face every single time! I have also earned the nickname “Miss Pollyanna”, which means that I am appreciated. A little chat, and, even if nothing bought, no guilty feelings – we all know that I am going to make up for it at some stage! Not only that, they are willing to also give to other charities and help out where help is needed – BIG THUMBS UP!

There has never been a heartbreak in my house

I have bought several DVD’s and Books for my kids from Tails and Whiskers and not one of the DVD’s have been scratched and the books are as new (if not genuinely new)! Thank you, ladies, for allowing my kids to watch Pollyanna about 10 million times in the last month, greatly appreciated.

If you are a charity shop fundi, or, even if you are not, treat yourself to a trip to this fantastic little shop – you will not regret it. Just remember, take cash as there are no credit/debit card facilities.






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