Webinar on Fundraising – to do or not to do

By show of hands (or comments in this case), would anyone be interested in attending a live webinar with me. The first webinar, which will of course be free of charge, will cover the topic “Researching Donors: Who, Where, How and What”. I will share the how, where and when to approach donors by email, telephone and letter writing and what to do when the opportunity arises at a networking event.

Please let me know if this would interest you, and what other topics would be beneficial to your work at the moment.

Crowdfunding Training… this is how it started

Jill Richie at Papillon Press is who I am striving to follow. A successful fundraiser, author of a variety of books and very loved donor databases, holds the most incredible training in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I have had the privilege of attending most of Jill’s Training Sessions and have recently completed her Crowd Funding Course.

Being who I am, I needed to know what Crowdfunding was so that I didnt walk into the workshop “stupid”. I wanted to know how this all worked, how people got money donated and a whole lot of other questions answered. So, I went ahead and set up a really weak campaign…. and Thundafund came back with a very short and sweet, we see you have started your campaign ….. and something along the lines of…. do you need help?

After the course, I lost hope – you need a crowd to crowdfund…. and I completely forgot about my very bad attempt at crowdfunding until I got another email from Thundafund, reminding me that I should carry on with my Campaign – my new mantra is “what have I got to lose”.

Will let you know how that goes 🙂

Advertising on Facebook

A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to advertise via Social Media – and this month, I went ahead and did it – ALL WRONG and I am still trying to work it out.

I have received a lot of “likes” and have reached over 2 000 people but I am not attracting the audience that I expected. Great to have likes and super to have new followers who can definitely help the community but where are all the Fundraising Managers, NPO staff, people with a common interest. The trend that I am finding is that many students are liking my photo  – which means I have to keep it trendy and upbeat – I like it but where to from here, and another thought – they are not liking my page either….

Loving the advertising, loving the thread of adverts (thank you again to Living Photography) but how does this Facebook Advertising lark actually work.

I would love to hear what you have to say about this – please let me know in the comments section of this post.

Posted by Fat Cat Fundraising Consultants on Monday, 26 June 2017


Crowd Funding and Thundafund

I have so far, had the most amazing time setting up my very own fundraising campaign. I have grown way out of my office space and, lets face it, working from home is definitely not for sissies. I also have a problem separating work from home and thus interfering with my work-life balance. I often find myself working until 2 am and wondering how I am going to finish today’s work in just  a few hours.

I am now on my final leg of Thundafund set up (I am waiting for the third approval) and hope to go live in the next few days. Watch this space for the link to my ThundaFund Campaign.

For a sneak peak, you can see my Vimeo here