Today I am not participating in the Save South Africa March. I am sitting behind my desk; slogging away, just like every other day. I do a job that NEEDS to be done every single day – not just when my country is in turmoil. I have made it my mission to help as many charities as possible make a difference for people who are struggling in South Africa.

When you are marching today – I ask you to remember those people who are being abused and are not allowed out of the house – yes; as you are marching, they are locked up being tormented and abused – not allowed to wear make up, beautiful clothes or even brush their hair – why you ask – because someone that they trusted harshly let them down. One of my jobs is to ensure that these women (and men), when they have the courage, have somewhere to turn.
Do you remember the story of Amanda Todd – the girl who took her own life because she was being continually cyber bullied by some unknown paedophile – remember that there are children as young as seven years old trying to take their own lives because of something that they may or may not have meant to do to draw attention to themselves and inadvertently made their own lives hell. One of my jobs is to ensure that the “Amanda Todd’s” have somewhere to turn when life is just too much.

There are children across our country who want to excel in their school work – it is my job to ensure that they get the free extra education that every single child deserves.. There are matriculants who want to follow their dream – it is my job that those young adults are able to follow the stars without the financial burden. It is my job to ensure that I MAKE A DIFFERENCE every single day.

With the right Leadership in place, we can and will make a difference!


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