Why I became a Fundraising Consultant

Some people are born to become doctors, others are born to be lawyers, many are born to be accountants. I was born to assist those less fortunate. The world is full of people who desperately need support.

From terminal illness to special needs children my heart lies in each and every one of my causes.

Fresh out of college, I applied for a job, it was any job, just a job at a non-profit organisation. And there it was. My job. To assist people facing terminal illnesses. It fell into my lap, this was the beginning of my journey.

I stayed with this incredible organisation for 14 years. From typing, to reception, to secretary, to personal assistant and then finally as Corporate Fundraiser. I loved it. I loved waking up every morning and making a difference in the life of a patient, a spouse, a child or a friend. For every phone call, for every proposal written and for every cent received, I was helping someone in need.

Unfortunately after losing my mom to cancer, the cause became too personal and with that my life as a fundraiser temporarily crumbled. I still wanted to help people, but without the emotional attachment.

Life happens in mysterious ways and I was privileged enough to return to the fundraising sector in a completely different field of work. I was employed as a fundraiser for a public school in Johannesburg. It didn’t quite work out as planned, and my fundraising portfolio changed dramatically over the next two years.

It was during this journey that I met the inspiring people who have become my mentors and confidants. I am privileged to have the support of incredible people while I carry on my exciting journey and thank each one of them for their support during my next transition.

And so another exciting journey begins!